ISC Services LLC,,, and others... THAT'S US!

ISC Services LLC Established in early 2003

Primarily operating as a contractor providing services to the DOD focusing services in both the United States and overseas. began as a business extension in 2008 under ISC Services LLC as an effort provide options to builders, commercial contractors, and government departments (municipalities) an alternative to expensive sod or erosion control solutions and a better option than blown straw mulch (which we now offer). began as a business extension in 2013 under ISC Services LLC in a response to our hydroseeding customers looking for follow-on weed control, fertilization, and pest control. offers "follow-on" service to our hydroseeding customers and also services new residential and commercial customers in many Eastern NC counties. We provide weed, disease, and pest control in addition to aeration, dethatching, growth regulators, fertilization, top dressing and liming services.

What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding or hydromulching (same-same) is a process where mulch is mixed with seed, fertilizer, tacktifier (glue) and soil amendments to create a slurry that is sprayed onto bare soil. This process enables seeds to rapidly germinate and grow while the mulch keeps the soil and seed in place (limiting erosion and increasing seedling survival). The largest benefits of hydroseeding are limiting erosion, followed closely by increasing seed germination and accelerated germination. While these #'s may not be "scientific", my guess is that you get about 40-50% more seeds to germinate with hydroseeding than you get with hand seeding or using blown straw mulch, and germination at a faster time line.

image-residential-seeding Residential Seeding

Are you tired of going to Lowe's, Home Depot, or other stores and buying seed, following the instructions... and watching your $, time, seed, and soil wash away down the storm drain when it rains?  Hydroseeding keeps that from happening (+) using NCHydroseeding ensures that when you select a turf, it will grow on your site, grow better than other seeding techniques, and get you the lawn that you want.    

image-commercial-seeding Commercial Seeding

In real estate it's all about location-location-location.  In commercial seeding its all about ground cover .  Hydroseeding provides instant ground cover, and as important an improved ability to get permeant ground cover over other seeding techniques.  We also prove Turf Reinforcement Matt, Scour Pads, and can provide silt fence or matts if needed.

image-lawn-care Lawn Care

Controlling weeds, diseases, and insects are not easy tasks.   We have re-seeded several jobs where the home owner went to a local store and purchased some "weed and feed" and promptly killed his entire yard .  We offer dethatching, aeration, fertilization, weed control, disease control, pest control (Bugs), Soil Ph adjustments (liming),  and turf bed edging.  We can do this as a one time service or, the better option, set you up with an annual service contract taking care of these chores for you... probably at a cost this is comparable to what you'll pay for the materials and equipment rental... which doesn't address your time.

image-erosion-control Erosion Control

Silt is the largest pollution in USA and the World regarding water pollution.  The way to address silt, is to prevent it from leaving a construction site.  Including Hydroseeding in your construction project is a great technique to reduce the potential of receiving as DENR or EPA fine or Stop Work Order.  Sheet Erosion is the #1 contributor to silt transport, and hydroseeding pretty much eliminates this concern.  The slope and soil composition determine what the "right hydroseed product" is, but we can treat slopes from flat to 1:1 slope.

Seeding, Erosion, Weeds, or Lawn Care

Establishing a new lawn, or fixing/maintaining an old lawn.

All service seeding company providing soil preparation, fertilization, hydroseeding, Ph adjustments (liming), aeration, dethatching, top dressing, insect, weed, and disease control.