NC Hydroseeding Inc

Stop erosion before it starts, get the lawn you want!

Established in 2003, began hydroseeding in 2008

Started by providingd services to the DoD in both the United States and overseas. In 2008 Hydroseeding became a business extension providing builders, contractors, municipalities, and home owners alternatives to sod, blown straw mulch, or rolled erosion control products (RECP's).

What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding/Hydromulching is a process where mulch, seed, fertilizer, tacktifier (glue) and soil amendments are mixed in a machine creating a slurry that is sprayed onto bare soil. Hydroseeding enables seed to rapidly germinate and grow while the mulch keeps the soil and seed in place (limiting erosion and increasing seedling survival). The benefits of hydroseeding include limiting erosion, shortening germination time (warmer temperatures in the mulch and seeds are pre-soaked) and improving seedling survival by providing a mosture retention blanket.

These #'s are not "scientific" but our experience shows that hydroseeding gets 40-50% more seeds to germinate ON SITE than you'll see with blown straw mulch or RECP's while shortening your germination time.

Hydroseeding Requirements.

What you can/need to do:

Provide the water for the hydroseeder

Hydroseeding requires water to crearte the slurry. A ballpark number for water required is 200 gallons per 1,000SF (8,700 gallons per acre). Water is the the owner/contractors responsibility from the closest fire hydrant, access to a fire hydrant can be cooridinated hrough your water utiltties company. We offer an optional service to get water from lake or river that you are authorized to use.

Do the Ground Preparation

Seeds need an area to easstblish roots. Properly prepared soil allows water to infiltrate the soil and reducres the potential for sheet erosion to occur which will wash mulch and seed off site. Ground prep[aration does no equate to grading. A graded site may be completely flat, however if it does not allow water into it's substrate nothing will estabvlish turf (too include sod). As a minimum 2 inches of soil needs to be prepared, 4-8 inches is better. We can do the ground preparation as an optional service when you contract us for hydroseeding.


Eastern NC turf choices are limited to Warm Season Turfs and all warm season turfs (Bermuda, Centipede, Bahia, Carpetgrass, and Zoysia) require FULL or close to FULL sunlight.

Options to improve your site may include removing trees; howerver, if the sunlight issue is caused by a building shadow or other item you will need to look at other ground cover solutions (Ivy, flower beds, hammered mulch, or gravel). If you place sod in a shaded area in Easern NC, you be required to replace the sod every 1-3 years.


Eastern NC (Warm season grasses) | (Bermuda, Centipede, Bahia, Carpet Grass, and Zoysia) require a ground temperature of 70+ degrees to germinate and grow (spring). Warm season grasses go doemant when temparutures fall below 70 degrees.

Western NC (Cool season grasses) | (Fescue, Rye, Bluegrass) are optimally planted at 60-70 degrees (fall).


Providing water on the seeded site is the final thing you can do to get groundcover established. Rain may be adequate to establish groundcover; however an irrigation/sprinkler system can ensure adequate water. In many cases you can install a temporary irrigation system, or for residences use hose bib sprinkler systems until you yard is established.

image-residential-seeding Residential Seeding

Sod installations are expensive. You are required to have thew installer prepare the site, install the sod, and you'll pay for the sod too. The alternative is that you prepare the site, get the seed, ant spread it. Are you tired of going to Lowe's, Home Depot, or other stores and buying seed, following the instructions... and watching your $, time, seed, and soil wash away down the storm drain when it rains?  

Hydroseeding allows you the opportunity to self prepare the site and save some cost (we can prepare sirtes as an option) and provides the best probability of getting the turf you desire ( turf on your site established better than other seeding techniques).    

image-commercial-seeding Commercial Seeding

Commercial seeding is focused on ground cover (Immediate: mulch | Temporary: mulch + temporary seed | Permanent: mulch + permanent seed). In real estate it's all about location-location-location.  In commercial seeding its all about ground cover .  Hydroseeding provides immediatew ground cover (mulch) and an an improved probability to get temporary or permanent ground cover over other seeding techniques while rteducing the potential for sheet erosion.

image-lawn-care Ground Preparation

Ground preparation is the most important thing that can be done to improve the probability of turf or groundcover establishment, followed closely by irrigation/watering. . Sunlight and Temperatures are the other two, and unless you cut down trees or move buildings the "suilnlight limitation" isn't something that can be addressed.

We can execute final ground preparatioin using tractors with TR3 Ground Preparation Rakes or Aerovators, skidsteers with land levelers or power rakes, Ventrac Slope tractors with Aerovators or Soil Preparators (1 acre or smaller), and in some occations walk behind TurfTec soil preparators.

image-erosion-control Erosion Control

Silt is the largest pollution in USA and the World regarding water pollution.  The best way to address silt is to prevent it from leaving a construction site. Hydroseeding a proven technique to reduce the potential of receiving a Stop Work Order or DENR/EPA fines. Sheet Erosion is the #1 contributor to silt transport, and hydroseeding significantly reduces the potential for sheet erosion.  Slope angles, length, and soil composition determine what the "right hydroseed product" is, but we can treat slopes from flat to 1:1 slope.

Seeding & Mulching, Erosion Control, or New Lawns

New construction, establishing a new lawn, or additions/renovations, adding a swimming pool.

We are a seeding company providing soil preparation, fertilization, hydroseeding, Ph adjustments (liming) aeration, and other erosion control services.